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Kenneth XXXXX Cialis Soft (Vidalista) 20mg MD, US Pending
Eugene XXXXXX Xanax (Ksalol)(UStoUS) 1mg NY, US Delivered
Nicholas X XXXXX Valium (Abbott)(UStoUS) 10mg NY, US Delivered
Erica XXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg PA, US Shipped
Mark XXXXXX Acyclovir (Generic) 800mg ~~, GB Pending
sean X XXXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg NC, US Delivered
Bambi X XXXXXX Soma (HAB)(UStoUS) 350mg FL, US Delivered
HANS XXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 200mg LA, US Delivered
Bill XXXXXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce) 200mg MO, US Delivered
Michelle XXX Phentermine (K25)(UStoUS) 37.5mg TX, US Delivered
martin X XXXXX Modafinil (SunPharm)(UStoUS) 200mg IL, US Delivered
Fred XXXXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 20mg NY, US Delivered
Jane XXXXX Phentermine (K25)(UStoUS) 37.5mg OH, US Delivered
John XXXXXXXXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce) 100mg VIC, AU Approved
Geoff XXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 150mg CA, US Delivered
Larry X XXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 200mg OK, US Delivered
Abbie XXXXXX Xanax (Pfizer)(UStoUS) 2mg NY, US Delivered
John XXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 200mg FL, US Delivered
Chris XXXXXXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 20mg CA, US Delivered
Diana XXXXXXXXX Rivotril (Roche)(UStoUS) 2mg CO, US Pending
Paul XXXXXX Viagra (Pfizer)(UStoUS) 100mg MN, US Delivered
Shea XXXX Tramadol (Tdol) (UStoUS) 200mg RI, US Delivered
Harold XXXX Hydrocodone (Teva) 10/325mg GA, US Delivered
Miss XXXXXXX XX XXXXX Ritalin (Novartis)(UStoUS) 10mg NJ, US Delivered
Robert XXXXXX Ambien (Zolfed) 10mg MA, US Shipped
Sarah XXXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg FL, US Delivered
Beverly XXXXXXXX Valium (Abbott)(UStoUS) 10mg AL, US Delivered
William X XXXXXXX Tramadol (Tdol) 200mg FL, US Delivered
Nancy XXXXXXXX Ambien (Zolfresh)(UStoUS) 10mg MA, US Delivered
Yuly XXXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 150mg NY, US Delivered
Shelly XXXXX Ambien (Stilnoct)(UStoUS) 12.5mg WA, US Delivered
Chester X XXXXXXX Cialis Soft (Vidalista) 20mg TX, US Delivered
Peter XXXXXXXXXX Xanax (Pfizer)(UStoUS) 2mg GA, US Delivered
Rande X XXXXX XX Xanax (Pfizer)(UStoUS) 2mg NY, US Delivered
WILLIAM XXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg VA, US Delivered
CHARLES X XXXXXXXX XX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 40mg PA, US Delivered
Peter XXXXXXXXXX Xanax (Pfizer)(UStoUS) 2mg GA, US Delivered
Allison XXXXXX Ambien (Zolfresh)(UStoUS) 10mg AZ, US Delivered
John XXXXX Valium (Abbott)(UStoUS) 10mg FL, US Delivered
Deborah XXX XXXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 50mg NV, US Delivered
Michael XXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 50mg TX, US Pending
Monika XXXXXXX Tramadol (Tdol) 200mg SA, AU Declined
James XXXXXXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 60mg TX, US Delivered
Melinda XXXXX Ambien (Stilnoct)(UStoUS) 12.5mg CA, US Shipped
karl XXXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 150mg FL, US Declined
Anthony X XXXXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 100mg MA, US Delivered
Scott XXXX Ambien (Stilnoct)(UStoUS) 12.5mg CA, US Declined
John XXXXXXXX Ativan (Lori) 2mg PA, US Delivered
Michael XXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 150mg PA, US Delivered
joseph XX XXXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg TX, US Delivered

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